Wake-Up Light

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Natural Wake-up】The light will wake you up naturally by sunrise stimulation & music, and brighten up gradually with 20-level brightness 30mins before alarm time. Wake-up alarm sounds include two kinds of bird singing, bell tone, and stream sound. It supports snooze function (2 times).

Compact & Unique】It is a compact combination of alarm clock & bedside lamp with natural sounds and sunrise stimulation, thus it helps you fall sleep quickly and wake you up in the morning naturally, which is an amazing device with unique look.

Humanized Sleep Aid】It has light therapy that emits 590-750nm red-orange light to activate melatonin secretion and strengthen your drowsiness, which helps you sleep quickly with soothing light and sounds(4 kinds). Plus, there’s auto-off timer (15/30/60min selectable), and it will shut off after you fall asleep.

Long-lasting Rechargeable Battery】The super high capacity 3600mAh rechargeable battery can last long when working. It can last 160hrs maximumly in RGB multicolor mode, 120hrs/10-11hrs/5-6hrs in white light mode at level 1/ level 2/ level 3 brightness respectively. It fits for adults, elders and babies.

Dimmable Beside Lamp】Features 256 RGB multicolor light and automatic cycling. You can set a certain light for creating atmosphere. It can work as a 3-level dimmable light to meet your different needs, like reading and auxiliary lighting.